Partners of the Americas

Partners of the Americas’ purpose is to build partnerships that create opportunity, foster understanding, and solve real-life problems. The Partners Network is comprised of volunteers and development professionals who are committed to serving others. Our partnerships are built around the core structure of chapters in countries and states that form north/south partnerships.  In addition, we form inter-institutional partnerships between northern and southern universities, development agencies and civic organizations. Inspired by President Kennedy and founded in 1964 under the Alliance for Progress, Partners is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with international offices in Washington, DC.

Illinois – São Paulo Chapter

Our purpose is to serve as a catalyst for partnerships between the US and Brazil. We promote cultural, socio-economic, and technological advancement. We not only dream of a better world, we roll up our sleeves to make a difference. Our committee include youth and all generations throughout both hemispheres. We do this through arts and culture, agro-environmental, architecture and urbanism projects, focusing on education that leads to sustainable, healthy, urban and rural environments. We take hospitality seriously bringing people to our homes and creating fun cultural events and fundraisers. All our projects aim to include strong civic action and social services through the Americas. Learn more at