Flávia Guerra

Flavia Guerra is a Journalist and Documentarian. She has a Master degree in Screen Documentary in University of London, where she lived for a couple of years and has worked as a correspondent for the O Estado de São Paulo media group, one of the more influential in Latin America. She has already covered for printed media, radio and TV the biggest cultural, sports, political and social events in Brazil, in Europe and USA.

Specialized in cultural issues, she has an expertise in cinema journalism. Flavia has also covered sports, such as F1, Soccer, London Olympic Games. As a documentarian, she has been the scriptwriter, researcher  of the documentary ‘Le Brésil par la Côte’, an Arte/Gullane coproduction. She has also directed ‘Karl Max Way’, which was shot in London and awarded in It’s All True Film Festival 2010. As an AD, she has worked in ‘My Father’s Truck’ short film, which was shot in Vietnam and short listed for the Oscar 2015 in live action short films category.

Flavia has also worked in ‘Mach of the Living’ doc feature film, directed by the Oscar nominee Jessica Sanders. Currently, she’s working, as a co-diretor and co-producer, on the transmedia project ‘Poemaria’, which combines a TV doc series called ‘Poemaria’, an app called ‘Declamaí’, a website and a feature documentary, alongside Davi Kinski. The project brings people to talk about the importance of the poetry in their everyday lives. She’s a documentary teacher at B_arco Cultural Center.

Flavia is also the creator and editor of the website TelaTela, specialized in cinema and TV and she is the cinema columnist of TV Bandeirantes / TV Band News / Arte 1 Channel, one of the biggest media groups in Brazil.